6 Easy Tips to Boost Your Facebook Like

According to statistics, the number of people active on Facebook every month was 2.3 billion by January 2019. 60% of worldwide internet users are on Facebook, making it an ideal platform to get your products known, acquire new clients as well as build relationships with potential buyers.

To gain popularity here, a good number of likes will go a long way. Having many fans on your Facebook page is an indication that your page is popular and can help improve trust. On top of that, it can help you gain more traffic on your website. That said and done, you need to know how to get these likes.

The following are 6 easy tips to boost your Facebook likes.

1. Have a Facebook page for your business

Your business Facebook page should be separate from your personal page. For those who already have successful Facebook pages, this may appear like an unimportant tip. However, if you are starting up, this is something you should have in mind. Separating your pages will prevent you from mixing things up and will help you appear professional to your followers.

2. Ensure that your page is optimized correctly

Look for a username that best sells you, write a captivating description and after that make sure that you post eye-catching content. Optimizing your page will draw more fans to it and will help boost the number of likes you get from ads.

3. Make good use of your personal Facebook account

The idea is to get as many people as you can to like your business page and to increase exposure. Therefore, every time you put up a post on your business page, share it on your personal page. By so doing, you may have some of your friends like your posts and even better follow your page. If you have a significant number of friends on your personal account, that will be a big plus for your business page.

4. Get your website visitors to like your Facebook page

This can be done by adding a like box on your site. Taking this particular step will not only increase your exposure, but it will also let search engines know that it is the official Facebook page for your site. It will also be a source of pride on your part.

6. Promote your page and content

Your page will not gain fans out of the blues. You need to put in some work which will include promoting it in social media platforms such as Pinterest. You can also use the interactive features of twitter for marketing yourself. After you have attained a new follower on twitter, message them privately, requesting them to like and follow your Facebook page.

5. Purchase Facebook likes

This is an instant way of gaining fans on your page. Here you get the number of likes you want without lifting a finger. You only need to spot a suitable seller and then purchase a number of likes of your choice from them.

Having a decent number of likes is essential for your social promotion purposes as well as credibility. After you have optimized your page, go through the various ways of widening your audience, and use those that you feel are best for you.

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